Do You Know Our World Is Hosting How Many Different Tree Types?

A fairly comprehensive study about plants revealed that our world is home to 60,065 different species of trees. Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) created tree species list with research team approximately composed 500 person on the world. It is hoped that the generated list will assist work to prevent the detection and disappearance of tree species that face the danger of extinction.

The study revealed the country with the most different tree species of Brazil, with 8,715 different tree types and revealed that except for the arctic regions that do not have any tree species, the Near-Arctic region of North America has the least number of tree species with fewer than 1,400 species.

Another result from the data was that most of the species (58%) in a single country could make them very vulnerable to potential threats such as extraordinary weather events or human-induced forest loss.

BGCI general secretary Paul Smith said in an interview with BBC News: ” In fact, at the end of this work, which has been around for centuries, the transfer to digital domain is peak point. But most of the data is not public yet.” He said that it is not possible to predict the species of trees in the world until now, it is impossible to predict them correctly, humanity needs to take the necessary measures immediately about the trees at the extinction point. Because the study revealed that there were about 300 different species in danger of extinction with less than 50 survivors in the wild.

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