In WOODDEMO there are hundreds of real samples from all around the world. Woods are compiled according to their continents, so as one book can bring to you the forests of Asia, you can experience the jungles of Africa with another.

Maybe it’s because nothing can beat touching. Not reading, nor seeing, not even talking. We touch and feel the things we are interested in. It’s how we relate.

It’s a human thing! This is also why we’ve created WOODDEMO: to show you different types of wood in a way no other source can.

Each WOODDEMO comes with 25 massive wood samples from genuine trees.

WOODDEMO is made for professionals of all kind: interior designers, architects, timber traders, product designers and manufacturers; and also keen collectors. But all in all, it was made for those who are eager for experiencing something quite new.

Whoever you may be, WOODDEMO will be your greatest source at discovery and exploration.